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James_Joyce Penulis : David Pritchard

Penerbit : Geddess & Grosset (2001)

Tebal : 186 halaman

Kategori : non fiksi, biografi

Jenis kover : hard cover

Kondisi : bekas, baik

Harga : Rp. 38.000

Berat : 235 gram

Bahasa : Inggris



Irish novelist, short story writer and poet, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882-1941), is regarded as one of the greatest, most innovative literary talents of the twentieth century. Joyce revolutionized the structure of the modern novel.

Chamber Music (1907), Dubliners (1914), and A Portrait as a Young Man (1914-15) were widely acclaimed. His seminal work, Ulysses (1922) provoked violent reactions. Its explicitness, groundbreaking interior monologues and complex references were heralded as genius by some but deemed obscene by others.

In Finnegan’s Wake (1989), he stretched language to its very limit, combining portmanteau words with the stream of consciousness narrative established in Ulysses, in an extremely difficult style which still never lost sight of comedy and lyricism.

Unconventional in his writing and his life, Joyce left a legacy that has shaped the novel as we know it yet has never been matched.

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Tags: Biografi , feature , James Joyce , jual buku bekas , novel import , Sastra

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