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Persuasion-Jane_Austen Penulis : Jane Austen

Penerbit : Wordsworth Classics

Tebal :  224 halaman

Kategori : fiksi, novel

Jenis kover : soft cover

Kondisi : baru, segel

Harga : Rp. 44.000

Berat : 170 gram

Bahasa : Inggris




4-star 4.12 avg rating – 71,637 ratings



What does persuasion mean – a firm belief, or the action of persuading someone to think something else? Anne Elliot is one of Austen’s quietest heroines, but also one of the strongest and the most open to change. She lives at the time of the Napoleonic wars, a time of a accident, adventure, the making of new fortunes and alliances.

A woman of no importance, she maneuvers in her restricted circumstances as her long time love Captain Wentworth did in the wars. Even though she is nearly thirty, well past the sell-by bloom of youth, Austen makes her win out for herself and for others like herself, in a regenerated society.

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Tags: feature , Jane Austen , jual buku baru , novel import , Sastra

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