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LEO TOLSTOY: The Cossacks and The Raid

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the_cossacks_&_the_raid-tolstoy Penulis : Leo Tolstoy

Penerbit : Signet Classic (1961)

Tebal : 224 halaman

Kategori : fiksi, novel

Jenis kover : soft cover

Kondisi : bekas, cukup baik

Harga : Rp. 35.000

Berat : 180 gram

Bahasa : Inggris



To read Tolstoy’s early sketch, The Raid, and his first novel, The Cossacks, is to enter the workshop of a great writer and thinker. In The Raid Tolstoy explores the nature of courage itself, a theme central to War and Peace. In The Cossacks he sets for all the motifs of his whole future life and his work. The hero is a young man about town who has squandered half his fortune – and his life and retires to the desultory existence of a regiment stationed in mountainous Cossack country, where he takes part in the daily life of a Cossack village. But his love for the beautiful Maryanka precipitates a conflict between the beliefs that “Happiness lies in living for others” and a passion that sweeps self abnegation aside. As Romain Rolland says, :The full force of Tolstoy’s descriptive powers is already expressed in this splendid novel and Tolstoy’s realism shows itself  with equal force in depicting human character.”

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Tags: feature , jual buku bekas , Leo Tolstoy , novel import

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