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The_Red_Badge_of_Courage Penulis : Stephen Crane

Penerbit : Signet Classics (1961)

Tebal : 224 halaman

Kategori : fiksi, cerpen

Jenis kover : soft cover

Kondisi buku : buku bekas, baik

Harga jual : Rp. 27.500

Berat : 180 gram

Bahasa : Inggris



A pioneer in the realistic school of American fiction, and a forerunner of Ernest Hemingway, Stephen Crane probed the thoughts and actions of trapped and baited men fighting the destructive force in nature, in other human beings, and in themselves.

Here published complete from the original manuscripts is Crane’s masterpiece, one of the great war novels of all time – The Red Badge of Courage…together with four of his best known short stories. Outstanding for their psychological portrayal of violent emotions keyed in quiet tension, they reveal the insight and narrative skill of “one of the clearest cases of genius in American fiction.”

-Carl Van Doren

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Tags: feature , jual buku bekas , kumpulan cerpen , Lainnya

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